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14th Apr 2014

Hello everyone!

There have been a lot of questions recently, asking how a player can become a staff member on our Minecraft server. Hopefully this will answer any questions you have!

What we look for:

Here on ElitePixelmon , we have to be able to trust our staff members to do exactly what they are supposed to. This for both the welfare of other players, as well as other staff members. These are some of the qualities we look for.

To become a moderator, you must be...

  • Honest. Simply put, don't lie. It's easy for us to tell
  • Mature. We don't base anything off of physical age, it all has to do with how mature you act. If you act like a mature, intelligent human being, then you've got a pretty good shot at making it here. If you act like an ape that's hyped up on kool-aid, well...Let's just say that your chances are slim.
  • Helpful. We're always looking out for players who help out everyone else, whether they be new to the server, new to minecraft, or even a veteran.
  • Polite. If you're rude, we don't want you to represent our server, it's as simple as that. politeness goes a long way.
  • Respectful. Our staff members respect all players, and we expect the same in return. If you disrespect any of our staff members, even the lower ranks, you will be punished. We will not tolerate any form of disrespect.
  • Responsible. Responsible players are always aware of what is going on, know and obey all of the rules, and take care of any issues that they have with as little friction as possible. This means only submitting tickets and bug reports that are relevant issues.
  • Literate. Our mods are expected to use (mostly) proper grammar in order to clearly and effectively convey the message of the server, and to enforce the rules. For example, players using words such as "plz" "pls" "thx" "sry" or "butter" are generally not the players we want to become staff members.
  • Intelligent. Moderators must be able to solve problems on their own, especially if there are no admins around to assist them. This may sound easy, but it can actually be very difficult, depending on the issue at hand. We expect all of our staff members to be able to handle almost any situation thrown at them.
Some questions you want to ask yourself if you think you're ready to be staff.

  • Have I broken any rules? If you've broken more than 2 rules on our server, you are not eligible for a staff position.
  • Do I get along with others? If you don't get along with other players, you will not make a good moderator, and we will probably not choose you.
  • Do I play here often? We're looking for staff members that will be active. This means logging in almost daily, and playing for more than 10-15 minutes at a time.
  • Have I ever been banned here? If you have been banned from our server for any reason, you are not eligible for a staff position. This is non-negotiable.
  • Do I really want to be a staff member? Being a staff member here at ElitePixelmon Minecraft is hard work, and often consumes a lot of time. If you're not ready to devote your time and focus to the server, then you probably do not want to be a staff member. Plus it ruins the game for you.
What do I get to do as a staff member?

Though our staff members have special permissions and privileges, they are just like any other player. All of our staff members must abide by every rule, no exceptions. All gameplay must be fair, and we do not give our moderators advantages over other players. Moderators are not permitted to do whatever they please; they are not, in fact, gods.

They are simply here to make the game safe and enjoyable for all other players on the server, and if this means kicking/banning/muting etc. then it can and will be done. If a staff member is abusing you, please let an Admin know immediately. Moderators are not exempt from being banned, and are certainly subject to removal of rank, if the admins deem it necessary.

Automatic exemption from consideration:

If you meet any of these criteria, you are automatically and indefinitely ineligible to become as staff member.

You will NOT be staff if:

  • You have been banned on our server at any time
  • You have more than 2 global bans from any banning services
  • You have broken more than 2 rules on our server
  • Other players frequently report you for abusive or immature behavior
So, what is the biggest determining factor in our selection of a moderator? It's simple: "Do we need a moderator?" If the answer to this question is no, then we will not be choosing one until a need arises. If we only have 10 players online, we really only need 1 staff member around. There would be no need for 4 out of those 10 to be staff.

Things to remember:

The things listed above are not the only thing things taken into consideration when choosing a mod. There are countless factors that our administrators analyze when evaluating and choosing players for a staff position. The points and requirements mentioned above are only a guideline to selection. Even players who are a perfect match for everything listed might not be chosen, because, remember; the decision is always up to Staff

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